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pollars to tte eetreme. three things you can do to double your mileage. and... whht president obama and mitt romney are doing to et more votes in the eleetion.s leading up to the - 3 3 friday, november 2nd. 3 3 3 3
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a altimore city police detective ii facing charges this morning... accused of forgiig a search warrant to &pdetectivv adam lewellen is facing several criminal charggs... including perjury and two counts of miiconduct. misconducc.lewellen is a 30- department's violent crime impact section.prosecuttrs say he and 6 other officers used force to get inside this home on foster avenue near south east avenue back in march.once inside... officers say they found guns and suspectedd cocaine. they arrested the man who lived there but charges were latee dropped against him. buu according to court
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papers... prosecutors learned lewellen may have lied when he told a judge the man had been seen dealing drugs during a police controllee buy.police aren't commentinggpublicll... buu nnighhors are talking about tte aarest. 8:55:59(mr. wunder/neighbor) "you always think of thh side. so, that's kind of ur - scary actually that they would go and do that..' that..'a pooice spokesman tells us... ifflewellen is ccnviited of perjury... he's automaaically fired. righh now... he s suspended... but e's still working on the force. a 16 year old is charged with the murder of a parkville . blount shot 41 year old michael allen on homewood avenue tuesday night.police say the shooting happened after an argument.. but on't say iffthe two knnwweachother. year old man suffering from 41 punshot wounds to tte head...he remained in grave condition until e died frrm hissinjuriess injuries"blount issthe seconn
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teen to be arrrsted this week in connection with a ssootinn inntte ccty. the baltimore blast is about to start its 33rd season indooo soccer, but this year s beginning with something new, and very special. special.. joolld.. mith iss live at du-burns arena to previee the season opener and &pthe goals for daaiel ppogram to benefit the perry hall studeet shot on the firsstday of sccool this year. good morning joel d. 3 3 3
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3 3 some local crews are headed to western maryland... where sandy dumped almoot 30 inches of snow in garrett county. urban search and rescue team pf 140 highly trained first responders.they'll be checking wwthout ower.. and helping witt cleaanup and tree removal. the team ii carrying almost 3 million dollars in equipment... and ii coopletely "we're set up to not inundate the locallcommunity with all tteir issues that they're having, so we have a bunch of tents on these vehicles, we may be staying out in the snow." snow."all of the state's resourcessare ow ocused on garrrtt coonty... and the 15- thousand residents still wwihout power. mema has temrrrily moveddits heedquarters there.
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phe susquehannaariver is still rising... with all the rrnnff from sandy's rain. are now opennat conowingo tess dam... juss before the river spills out into the chesapeake bay.local officials say tte susqueeanna brings pollutants downriver heee to maryland... especiaaly during major storrs. state senator e-j pipkin sayss keeping theebay clean.y... for - ej pipkin, state senator: baa, anybodyywho workk aaong the bay knoww thht when this dam is open and thaa setiment is coming through, it's nnt a pooo thing for the overall health of the baa."dr. beth mcgee, chesapeake bay ffundation: "it doesn't ake pense to focus on one state or bottom line is everyone needss to do something from new ork ovvr to west virrinia and maryland, virginia, who benefit the moot from the bay." bay."the susquehanna rver spans more than 4-hundrrd-50 miles..he chesapeake bay foundations the river is of the bays pollutants.
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3 with just a few days tt go before election day, the pandidates are doing the swing state mary ellen hopkins explains... president obama and republican candidate non-stop appearances in eight states that arr still up for gg. grabs. president obbma made his case toovoters in las vegas. he echoed the slogan from his &pfirst campaign about bringiig change to merica.right now, we ould be putting more folks back to work right now fixing more rrads bridges, expanding broadband to rural letts ppt american's back to to be done.mitt rrmney hit need- back on the president's "change" theme during a pampaign stop in roanoke, virginia.there's no question in my view that we really can't have four more years like the last four years. the obama folks are chantinn four m
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but our chanttis this five more days, fiie more days is purrchant...(applause).romney delivers what hisscamppign says is his "closing argument" poddy during a ssop in pisconsin. then he's off to ohio for two rallies.obama will also be in ohio -- here events before heading back o -3 the white house. the pates will move through he eiiht battleground states over the final fiveedaas in aagame trying to win ver thh yare pnddcided voters ho coull decide the race. iim mmry ellen hopkins reporting. the monthly jobs repoot or theee are the final employment presiiential lection on tuesday. a trick-or-treater in oregoo... takes home the top prize for the most innovative halloween costume. costume.take a ook at honor of thh presidential election... 144year-old &ppatthew gilbert dressed uu as
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a ballot box.on weddeeday... either the "president obama" - slott.. or the "governor mitt romney" sloo. then we can opee it from the - bottom and pour out the candy and count each nn. -butt to- ttere's fiie-percent margin theeway. gilbert used a ssmilar costume 4 years ago... when presidentt obama was campaagnnng.back then... hi ballot bbx predicted the president wwuud win.this timee... itts preddcting the same outcooe. coming up on the early edition... the president releases n ad... in support of tte dream act. act."these are young people who sttdy in our schools, play in our neighborhoods." neighborhoods."the expensive campaigg... drawing attention to uestion 4.
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3 ((break )) 3 ((ad lib meeeorologist))
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&p3 &p3 &p3 p3 still to comee.. the ace for
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tte white house... inspires ent. games... with political themes. pnderstanding the ins and outs... of the maryland dream act.thh ffne print voters will seee.. at the ballot box. ((break 2))
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a winter wonderland doesn't just happen. it takes some doing. some coordinating. and a trip to the one place with the new ideas that help us pull it all together. from the things that hang and shine... the things that sparkle and jingle. all while saving the things that go in our wallet. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. trade in any light string and get up to five bucks off the latest holiday leds. &p3
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a new ad featuring president obama.. hopes o drum up support for the maryland ream act.... offering in state tuition o illlgal immigrants. "these are young people who studyyin ouu schools, playyin our neighborhoods, they're friends with our kids, they pledge allegiance to ur flag. ese young people are going to make extraordinary contributions and are already & onnine by educating maryland kids... a coaltion working in support f qqestion 4. the million dollar t-v and radiio ad campaignnin baltimore and
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d.c. pupporters and oppooents of the maryland dreaa acttare makkng ooe last push before four. n day.john rydell takes we did."on the steps offthh s state house...they celebrated. it was moments...after maryland's dream act...was signed into law. (gutieerez) "you know it eans i actuaaly to ollege, efore it was just 3 a dream that i had, i ttink ii beccoeea minimum wate worker and my family wouldn'ty be able oopull out $40,000 of theii pocket."the law...would alllow illegal pay the discounted....n-staat tuition rate...attmaryland colleggs and unversities.they puition...which is often three times higher.but before theyy college...ttey have to community ccllege. and heir mmet certain guidelines.e too - paid taxes forrthreeeyears, they're on their way too citizennhip, they've registered for the draft, they &popponnnts...petitionnddthe
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known as...questton 4. it act" on the ballot...its title...."publii institutions pf highhr learning-tuitiin rates.and ooponents...say it unfair...bott philossphically...a nd....iiaaccaall..(kipke) "it's just a costly bill. t's going to at least coss threee over th next three years, up we're provding a taxpayer beeefit tt ppople who entered our country illegally."the law states...that illegal not be incllded...among legal "in-state" tuition..they'll still be out- of-state students. and suppooters...say that's a reasonablecompromise. john if you still have questions reearring the maaylann a vote 2012 special monday explanations of the dreamm cc referendum... the same-sex marriage referendum....and tte referendum to exppnd gambling night att11... right here on fox45.
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straight ahead... video games... centered around thh presidential rrce. politically-themed entertainment... america's seen since 2004. (((reak 3)) 3
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two opponents, dramatic explainn... it's no surprise that the 20-11 presidential campaign has been prime fodddr forrthe ideo game industry. 3 leaping from state to statt, firing shots along the way... the final battleground blitz has all the elements, of a great video &pgame. alright, we're getting fired uu now!the number of politically-themed ames has pripled since 2004, according the entertainment software associaaion. in 20-12, it'ss an opportunnty to vent some ppliiical passion, and have some ffn.befooe you know it
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ooponent with a ight sabre, or a hot dog, or a marrhmallows, juut good fun, animated characters and he - exaggerated jabs, games like "polittcal machine 2012" let players craft a stump peech about the issues. "race for players through the same nns hurdles assthe real pcndidates. and the gamee can plso capture the attention of a key demographic.a lot of these games engagg fflks in voter registratiin to help political process and not left out. like "vote: the game," from epic games, which partneree with rock the vott,, coobatt players caa register to vote in tte real election. i'm karin caiia, and you're now, clicked in. cooing up... a staple of the new jersey coastline... washed . away.the massive destruction in faaily-friendly seaside heights. 3 11/1 - 47% (done)bth - 47% bth - 44%11/1 47% (done)
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,3 11/1 - 47% (done)bth - 47% our federal tax ode iss pmericans don't pay any federal ncome tax. think abbut it. nearly one-half of aaericans on't have any federal income tax liability. 53% pay all personal income taxes.adding insult to injury is that with various refundable tax credits 30% of americans who pay nothing actually get money from the feddral government.. for them, april 15th sn't tax day - news. according to irs recorrs, federal workers owe $3.4 billion in ack taxes 26,000 postal service eeployees owe $270 million.
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100 milllon byyd-o-d military and civilianns congressional emplooees owe 10 million. treasury dept workers - ome offthe rs - owe $9 million. more than $800,000 is oweddby pressdent obama's staff. thhir taxes is as bad as cops who break the llw, ffremmn who commit arson, and doctors who kill patients.making matters complicated. it's about billions in direct costs and lost prrductivity to figure put how much we returrs shhuld be on a 3x55 pomething -- even if it were onll one dollar.for more on headlines dot nee. and folloo us twitter and facebook. i'm mark yman.
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gambbing in marylandwhy ssmee reeigious leaders 3

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